Friday, November 8, 2013

Octopus Man

On this cold Friday, in October. I snuggled up to my trusty heater, while enjoying some good tunes. I suddenly built up the urge to just, do a dorky dance. I bounced, spun, kicked, hip thrusted and got my groove on for the better part of the next half hour. I would've continued, had it not been for the next track, to stop me dead in my seizure like dance routine. Standing puzzled for a brief moment. I took a slight hiatus, from my world class shaking(sarcasm-activated). What I came up with next was, my crazy man creature sketch. Inspired while listening to "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles. Part Octopus, part Ringo Starr like insect, drawn with black marker. I had tons of fun creating this funky fella. The message I am conveying in this blog, is a very simple one. Have fun with your art. Life can be your giant canvas of enjoyment.

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